The various technologies of the plastics industry enable the production of sophisticated and innovative product shapes and product compounds. For each product, the selection of the right plastic injection moulding technology is required to achieve an optimal and cost-effective result. Hadi-Plast supports you in finding the best possible solution through many years of experience in the field of plastics technology and offers you a wide range of technologies for your products.

Precision injection molding

Precision injection molding enables the manufacture of products of different sizes and accuracies. The product range of Hadi-Plast includes plastic parts from precisely fitting small components to ordinary consumer goods. Our specialists will advise you on the optimum choice of materials and design and offer you precision products of the highest quality. The company places particular emphasis on the aspects of cost, reliability and customer service.

  • Glas- und Kohlefaser

Fiberglass and carbon fiber

In addition to conventional injection moulding technologies, Hadi-Plast has extensive knowledge in the production of glass and carbon fibre composite products. Fibre-plastic compounds can give materials different properties and direction-dependent elasticity behaviour. We support you in the selection of the right composite materials and offer the production of fibre-reinforced products.

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Hybrid injection molding

In hybrid injection moulding technology, a form-fit connection between the thermoplastic and metal is created in one process step. This type of connection replaces the conventional joining or gluing of metal components into plastic. The use of this technology requires a profound knowledge and the possession of special skills in handling plastic solutions. Hadi-Plast Kunststoff-Verarbeitung will be pleased to support you in the field of hybrid injection moulding technology and to advise you comprehensively on your questions.

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Product assembly

If you wish, Hadi-Plast can take over the complete product assembly and module production for you and develop and manufacture products according to your specifications. During development, you will be actively supported by trained and experienced employees in all steps of planning and production. They will take care of the production of complex products made of different materials and components until delivery.

  • Mehrkomponenten-Spritzguss

Multi-component injection moulding

In multi-component injection moulding, not only do we combine plastics of different colours but also different plastics in one product. Multi-component injection moulding is used to produce hard-soft-compounds. These must be reliably tensile and tear-resistant, impact-resistant and break-proof, especially when metal inserts are also used. With multi-component injection moulding, we can not only produce cost-efficiently, but also achieve special product properties that cannot be assembled in this quality. This is particularly important in the field of electrical products such as plugs of all kinds.

  • Sichtteile

Optical components

One of the key competences of Hadi-Plast is the production of optical components for various business sectors. The use of plastic optical components allows technological and economic advantages and a very large degree of freedom in the design of the optical functional surfaces. Hadi-Plast Kunststoff-Verarbeitung is pleased to welcome you as a partner in this area and would like to exploit the potential of plastics for optical applications together with you.